Monthly Archives: July 2011

Mapped Out

Please meet my friend Jeremy, who writes over at Till He Comes and is one of the blogs I visit regularly. What I like about his story is that he and I share a tumultuous history with dog poo. But more than that, he’s got a clear view of what he’s doing TODAY. […]

Why I Run: Dana’s Story

Here’s another strong as steel woman for you. Dana and I lived in the same neighborhood growing up. We lost touch over the years and through the magical genius of the internet reconnected. She’s been through some rather challenging years but she’s still here, I’m glad to say, and she’s […]


During our writer’s retreat last week, my friend and writing partner wandered down to the water to snap some photos to share with her family. When she returned to the house, she told me it took her far too many shots to get the right one, and she still wasn’t […]