Neither Here or There

Finally! Proof that I know one of my guest writers in person! Kristin and I have been friends since 1990, when we shared a house at the beach with a bunch of other earnest Bible packing college students. Oh, happy I am that we still are friends and that I get to hear words from […]

I Can’t

On Sunday, a doula friend asked me if I could cover a birth for her. I had spent about a year away from births of all kinds: hospital, home, long, short, dramatic and mundane. I had spent all my doula-ing energy and wanted-needed a break. When my friend asked for help, I knew she needed it. […]

Why I Run: Emily’s Story

I almost met Emily when I traveled to Pittsburgh in May to run the half. I am always jealous of others who get to live in the best city in the world. Em’s got a lot on her plate, and here she tells about what good running’s done for her. For now I’ll have to […]

Shattered Identity

Oh, I am too excited to share today’s post with you! I know Pam through our publisher, Civitas. I’ve never met her, but based on what she writes here, I know we will be good friends. Her heart sings the same song of feminine justice that resonates in me. Enjoy and be challenged. Don’t forget […]

Why I Run: Lee’s Story

Here’s a fun thing. I knew Lee from twitter, then figured out she lives in the greatest city on earth, which you all know is of course PITTSBURGH. When I flew in to run the half marathon in May, I got to meet Lee and some other twitter runner-women at The Church Brew Works. If only I’d […]

Mapped Out

Please meet my friend Jeremy, who writes over at Till He Comes and is one of the blogs I visit regularly. What I like about his story is that he and I share a tumultuous history with dog poo. But more than that, he’s got a clear view of what he’s doing TODAY. Just today.  I was going […]

Why I Run: Dana’s Story

Here’s another strong as steel woman for you. Dana and I lived in the same neighborhood growing up. We lost touch over the years and through the magical genius of the internet reconnected. She’s been through some rather challenging years but she’s still here, I’m glad to say, and she’s going to tell you why […]

How Did I Get Here

Smokes! I met Annie, today’s contributor, actually, I’m not sure how I met her, but I really like her; her voice, her humor and her truth. Her piece today on identity is lovely and challenging. I hope you’ll leave her some commenty goodness. Then go take a gander at her blog: Marginal Theology.  During my first year […]


During our writer’s retreat last week, my friend and writing partner wandered down to the water to snap some photos to share with her family. When she returned to the house, she told me it took her far too many shots to get the right one, and she still wasn’t happy with the way her […]