Monthly Archives: June 2011

Walking Away: Leigh’s Decision

Oh, wow! Wait til you finish reading this identity post from my friend Leigh, who I know from twitter. (I’m beginning to wonder if I have any friends In Real Life…) She tells quite a story about finding work, purpose and making tough decisions. I felt positively filled with excitement for […]

What’s In a Name?

What a treat for me to host Katharine Grubb today as part of the Identity Series. I’ve been toying with the idea of identity lately; what is it? Who decides? Is it the same as what we do? Last week, the discussion seemed to strike a middle balance. My dear friend Katharine […]

Easing In the Fullness

Hobbies have their own language. Runners talk about intervals, LSDs, (this does not refer to drugs) and tempos. Dr. Who fans know the names, spellings and pronunciations of all the planets that were fictionally rescued by eleven Doctors over the years. Math people make jokes about pi day and use […]