Walking Away: Leigh’s Decision

Oh, wow! Wait til you finish reading this identity post from my friend Leigh, who I know from twitter. (I’m beginning to wonder if I have any friends In Real Life…) She tells quite a story about finding work, purpose and making tough decisions. I felt positively filled with excitement for her when I reached the […]

Why I Run: Strawberry’s Spiel

I know Strawberry through dailymile, but we don’t live far from each other. He’s one of my favorite runners, because he’s honest, he’s encouraging and he’s funny. Even though he has an abiding love of country music we are still friends. He usually tweets a song of the day every day, and his musical knowledge is astounding. Read […]

Why I Run: Jen’s Story

Jen and I both ran the OKC marathon this spring on one of the coldest May 1sts in Oklahoma history. She is not kidding when she says she gives a thumbs up after every race, and I think you’ll smile as you read her story of why she runs; her enthusiasm virtually bursts off the screen. […]

Journey’s in Writerland

Today, I’m packing up my laptop, my running shoes and a whole bunch of really great food. I’m heading north, out of Tulsa and into the rural expanse of Oklahoma.I’m taking with me a huge stack of paper on which I printed out one of many book drafts. The pages tell a speckled story of […]

What’s In a Name?

What a treat for me to host Katharine Grubb today as part of the Identity Series. I’ve been toying with the idea of identity lately; what is it? Who decides? Is it the same as what we do? Last week, the discussion seemed to strike a middle balance. My dear friend Katharine writes about something unique to […]

Why I Run: Madalyn’s Story

Madelyn is a really great twitter buddy. She pipes in with the most incisive comments. I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by the strength, grace, and straight-up awesomeness of my friends who have contributed to this series. Madelyn’s story is no different in that respect. But of course it’s her story; and it’s […]

Easing In the Fullness

Hobbies have their own language. Runners talk about intervals, LSDs, (this does not refer to drugs) and tempos. Dr. Who fans know the names, spellings and pronunciations of all the planets that were fictionally rescued by eleven Doctors over the years. Math people make jokes about pi day and use binary clocks, because they think […]

Gender, Moms and Soccer

My daughter is at soccer camp this week. It rained last night so when they played today, she got covered in mud. She walked past a group of cheerleaders and could barely conceal her derision. She told her dad, who happens to be a coach at the same camp, “I’d much rather hit people and […]

When Hats Become Masks: Identity and Profession

Sarah contributes today in the ongoing series on Identity. I am so enjoying how different people take such different tacks with this one, albeit broad, topic. I know Sarah from twitter, and her blog is thoughtful and fun. Please say hi to Sarah in the comments. Pardon the cliché, but I wear lots of proverbial hats. In fact, […]

The Dangling “I Love You”

First let me say, wow these posts are getting to be a drag. Someone kick me in the funny bone soon! My grandmother had a stroke when I was a kid, maybe 10. She lost the use of her right arm and leg. She walked, barely, with a walker, and in later years was confined […]