Homeward Bound

I’ve got three hours to kill in the Denver airport right now. My back is to the sun, and I’m sprawled out in a vinyl covered chair next to the nearest outlet. I’m powered up, charging up and waiting. And waiting. I’ve got my friend Chad’s book to read. I’ve got a few posts to write and […]

Bending the Rules

Ah rules. In modern society, rules keep things moving efficiently, in theory. Just try heading out of a city at quitting time and you’ll see why I say “in theory.” In theory, cars wanting to merge will be allowed to do so by the zipper method of drivers already on the highway. One at a […]

The Truth

First off, let’s get this out of the way. The title of this post asked to be longer. It asked to be: “de troot, de troot, I don’t even know vat is de troot.” Which, as you know, is a line from Sophie’s Choice spoken by Meryl Streep and me, to my mother, to make her laugh. And […]

Of Softballs and Swallows

So there’s this big “Restore Unity” celebration going on, hosted by Rachel Held Evans, author of Evolving in Monkey Town. And it is because she is a nicer, kinder, more hopeful Christian than I could ever hope to be that I can’t help but feel a little kicked in the gut this week. Okay. A lot kicked in […]

For Gail, My Theory of Poo and The Heart

*be glad I didn’t find an image for this post Yesterday, my friend Gail said that she had used a good many industrial-sized swears during a counseling session. Despite my quest to guard my tongue and use language creatively without cussing, I have to say, I am so with her on this. There is something […]

The Haute Couture of a Hefty

I did it. I trained and planned, drove 100 miles, awoke before the dawn to face my first half marathon. I had all the confidence and preparation I needed to meet my goal. I was ready. And when I awoke before the dawn, it was to the sound of rolling thunder and the crack of […]